The Difference Between Pro and Premier Contractor Editions of QuickBooks


When deciding which version of QuickBooks to buy, it can be a good idea to consult a certified QuickBooks advisor. This advisor can answer any questions you may have regarding QuickBooks Pro or Premier. Typically, QuickBooks Pro retails for $300 while QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition is $500. There are many benefits to both versions, so it’s worth it to consider each one carefully.


When comparing Xero and QuickBooks, it’s important to consider the features of each accounting software package. For instance, Xero offers extensive inventory management, time tracking, and invoicing capabilities. It also integrates with hundreds of business applications. You can access these apps from Xero Central. In addition to a main dashboard, you can customize the look of your dashboard by adding different widgets, including a bar chart of cashflow and the status of each project or invoice. You can also set up alerts to keep you updated on your queries.

Although both services have similar features, Xero is much more advanced than QuickBooks. It offers a modern interface and is designed for small businesses. Premier users may prefer this version because it supports unlimited users. Both software programs can be accessed via desktop or online. Xero is a good choice for businesses with bookkeepers in-house, while QuickBooks is designed for those who outsource their accounting to a third party.

When comparing QuickBooks and Xero, make sure to consider how much you’d like to pay for each software package. Premier QuickBooks costs $19 per month, while Xero Pro is $80. For that price, you’d get multiple users, time management tools, and integration with payroll software.

QuickBooks Pro has a customizable chart of accounts and offers many general features. You can connect bank and credit cards, manage employees and customers, and create and edit invoices. In addition, it manages sales taxes and allows you to track expenses. It also supports multiple users, which is crucial if you’re working on multiple accounts.

Premier offers a more robust version of QuickBooks than Pro. It allows for tracking more than 100,000 customers and vendors and supports 30 users in a single company data file. It also offers an online data backup option. It has unlimited technical support and free upgrades to the latest Enterprise version. It’s also a great choice for small businesses, which might be on a tight budget.

Premier offers many more features than Pro, including inventory management. Premier also includes a sales order fulfillment worksheet and has a better inventory management tool than Pro. Premier can track back orders and purchases and create invoices more efficiently than Pro. Many versions of Premier offer current availability tracking, which allows you to know exactly what you have on hand.

Premier has more flexibility in pricing. While both QuickBooks Pro and Premier offer similar functionality, Premier is better suited for growing businesses. Premier has more features and can be used by more users than Pro. QuickBooks Premier has more advanced reporting options and integrations, and it supports up to five users.

QuickBooks Online

There are some major differences between QuickBooks Premier and Pro, which you should be aware of before choosing which one to purchase. Premier is a more comprehensive version of QuickBooks and has more functionality. It also has a longer lifespan, and allows you to use it for more than one company. In addition, you can create more than one company file. Premier Plus is a subscription that includes a variety of additional features.

For small businesses, QuickBooks Premier provides a more comprehensive feature set than the Pro version. For example, Premier supports up to five users, is better suited for companies with multiple locations, and offers industry-specific features. It also helps you manage inventory and track sales orders and forecasts. If you’re a contractor, Premier also allows you to track expenses and customize job cost reports. Moreover, it allows you to modify job orders at a glance.

Pro Plus is the more affordable option, but it lacks mobile capabilities and is not as user-friendly for people with limited accounting knowledge. However, this is a very good alternative to Premier. Despite the difference in price, QuickBooks Pro Plus comes with additional benefits such as unlimited support from QuickBooks experts. Additionally, unlimited customer support and unlimited backup are included in Pro Plus plans. You can even download a mobile app for QuickBooks Pro if you’re a business owner.

In addition, QuickBooks Pro has more features, such as inventory management and sales tax management. You can save unlimited company files, and access them using your virtual desktop. It also allows you to save extra backups. It also has more advanced features, such as unlimited chat support. If you’re in need of technical support, you can call QuickBooks support for free.

QuickBooks Pro and Premier also differ in the number of features they offer. Premier allows you to track inventory at a more comprehensive level and offers a full-featured sales order option. It can also track back orders and shipments. QuickBooks Premier also allows you to view and prioritize open sales orders. You can also close sales orders at your own pace. For nonprofit organizations, you can also use QuickBooks Premier to track donors. It also helps you comply with IRS Form 990.

QuickBooks online users can download files to their computers from a secure download center. The download center is protected with reCAPTCHA, and the site follows Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This makes it much safer for sensitive business data. It also enables remote access to your files.

If you plan to use QuickBooks for your small business, it’s a good idea to consider the Premier Plus edition if you plan to increase your number of employees. The Premier Plus edition includes advanced tools for managing client data files, and features designed specifically for growing companies. It also includes extra features for companies with more than 20 employees.

Assisted Payroll

Assisted Payroll is an extra paid service offered by QuickBooks. This service takes care of payroll taxes and filings for you, saving you time and headaches. Assisted Payroll also eliminates the hassle of year-end tax reporting. It offers faster direct deposits, priority support and access to a payroll specialist.

With Assisted Payroll, you’ll get help completing all the necessary setup steps, and can also explain the basics of paying and filing taxes. For example, some states use one account number for unemployment taxes and state withholding taxes, while others have separate accounts. You can even have Assisted Payroll support enter your year-to-date payroll history and tax payments since the beginning of the current year. It will also reconcile payroll taxes.

In addition to Assisted Payroll, both Pro and Premier come with payroll features. Both programs offer advanced features that can help your business grow. QuickBooks Premier has more advanced features for businesses with more employees, and QuickBooks Pro can handle multiple payrolls. It can also track employee time, including sick and vacation days.

Pro and Premier have different price tags. They include base prices and add-on modules. You can upgrade your existing version to Premier if you like it, but you’ll still have to pay a monthly fee for Assisted Payroll. The basic edition includes time tracking, while Enterprise Platinum and Enterprise Diamond offer advanced time tracking.

Premier is recommended for businesses with 20 or more employees. It also comes with increased inventory capabilities. Premier supports bills of materials and purchase orders, and it helps you create forecasts. In addition, you can track profitability by product, client, and project. If you’re looking for an industry-specific solution, QuickBooks Premier will fit your needs perfectly.

ProAdvisors can help you determine which version to purchase and which features you need. QuickBooks ProAdvisors are often part of an accounting firm and can provide QuickBooks support when you need it. You can also upgrade to QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise if you need to.

Pro Plus comes with a host of additional features, including payroll. Premier Plus comes with unlimited customer support and automatic data backup. It also comes with a mobile app. QuickBooks Premier Plus users can take advantage of Intuit’s discounts for their products.

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