How to Roast Someone on Twitter

If you’ve ever wondered how to roast someone on Twitter, then you’ve come to the right place. With the right techniques, you can make anyone look foolish in a snap. Whether you’re a fan of Starbucks or Tesco Mobile, you can find the perfect way to roast someone on Twitter and get them laughing.

Tesco Mobile

If you’ve ever wondered how to roast someone on Twitter using a mobile phone network’s Twitter account, the answer is simple: follow Tesco Mobile. Their Twitter account is a constant stream of tweets, ranging from compliments to insults. One of their recent responses was a gem. After a customer complained about the Tesco Mobile network, the retailer responded with a surprise.

As a result, the brand has seen an incredible growth in its Twitter following in a short period of time. The account currently boasts a following of just under 56,000 people. Although being funny on social media is not easy, Tesco Mobile’s success can be attributed to the young team responsible for creating its content.

Tesco Mobile isn’t the most exciting mobile network or brand, but it knows how to use humour to fight back against negative social media feedback. Its social team consists of mostly of customers who are looking to vent about something. The company’s social team isn’t overly regulated, so there are no rules about what to post, but they trust the team and are prepared to apologize if things don’t go right.

As part of a new campaign, Tesco Mobile is using social media to reach out to Tesco shoppers. It aims to bring the best of Tesco to the people that buy their products – shoppers and businesses. The new advert demonstrates how Tesco Mobile is able to connect with consumers by showing the benefits of their network, including frozen contract prices, free calls and texts, and the extra perks available with Clubcard Plus.


Wendy’s has earned a reputation as the “best Twitter account” for sarcasm and raw carnage. Whether they’re teasing the competition or slamming other fast food chains, Wendy’s tweets never fail to entertain. Their sharp wit and sharp comments are not only a refreshing change from other tweeters but also make Wendy’s a force to be reckoned with.

The fast-food chain has a sarcastic reputation and is known for their roasts. In fact, they’ve roasted the likes of Oreo in the past year. The company has also sent jabs at brands like Monster Energy, Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, and the TODAY show.

Wendy’s has managed to capture the attention of younger audiences with its hilarious and ironic content. This shows that the brand understands its target audience and understands how affordable fast food is to young people. In addition to teasing their competition, Wendy’s also rewards loyal fans with free meals.

Wendy’s has perfected the art of making jokes on Twitter as an advertising strategy. This is the reason the fast food chain has introduced National Roast Day. To commemorate the day, Wendy’s tweeted “line up if you’re ready to be ridiculed.” It’s not just one day a year – it’s an annual event!


If you want to get a laugh from someone, MoonPie is the place to do it. The sweet, salty snack is made famous by a brand from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Twitter account is not for the faint of heart. While MoonPie’s tweets are witty and memorable, they are not suitable for serious situations. If you want to make a good impression on someone, follow their account for some hilarious tips.

MoonPie is a fourth generation family-owned business from Chattanooga, Tennessee that makes chocolate marshmallow pies. The company has been around for decades, and has become a popular brand on Twitter. They’re even a favorite of celebrities and have a thriving Facebook page. The MoonPie brand has been active on Twitter for years, but their recent tweet got a lot of attention. It’s worth a read to find out why.

MoonPie’s “Lol ok” tweet generated over 1.1 billion impressions across various media outlets. The MoonPie brand has a devoted audience across key demographics. The brand’s tone and message are fun and irreverent, without being offensive. The company’s goal is to connect with its audience.

MoonPie’s strategy is working. The brand’s “Lol ok” tweet went viral, reaching astronomical levels in August 2017. The bakery normally produces one million MoonPies a day, but its demand surpassed production capacity for decades. By September 2017, MoonPie’s sales had hit their highest point in history. The brand’s “contrarian” marketing strategy has proven to be successful, and their sales and engagement soared.

MoonPie’s Twitter account is one of the most successful food-related accounts on social media. It recently engaged in a Twitter battle with two critics of its snack. The reply earned over 20,000 likes. In the same tweet, MoonPie fought back, tweeting “buddy, it’s Saturday night and you’re talking to a marshmallow sandwich on the internet.”


There’s no question that Starbucks has a social media presence. Its employees are known for posting pictures of some of the most difficult digital orders they’ve made. But what exactly goes on behind the scenes? In this article, we’ll explore the process Starbucks goes through in preparing these images for social media.

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