How to Measure a Watch Crystal

If you’re wondering how to measure a watch crystal for a repair project, you’ve come to the right place. There are a few different ways to measure the crystal. You can download a measuring tool and use it yourself, or you can use a delfin die to determine the exact size. Once you have the exact measurement, you can use a press to install the crystal.

Using a free downloadable measuring tool

To determine the exact dimensions of a watch crystal, the most accurate way is to use a digital micrometer. These devices are extremely accurate, and you can read them easily and quickly. Alternatively, you can use a caliper with an inside measuring jaw. This will measure the distance between the crystal and the bezel. Ideally, the crystal should be measured at the wall above the step ledge, which is located on the inside bezel.
Using a delfin die

A delfin die is a tool used to measure a watch crystal. The die has two sections: one is concave and the other is flat. The first die should be larger than the crystal. The second die should be smaller than the crystal.

The Delfin watch is classified as medium/large. The bowl shape and curves help the watch wear a bit smaller. It also feels the right size. Its PVD coating makes it easy to clean. And because it’s made of a metal alloy, it is very durable.

Multiplying ligne diameter by 2.25583 to get a millimeters measurement

The unit of measurement for a watch movement is the lignes. Raw watch movements will often list the diameter in millimeters, but you may occasionally see the measurement in linges. To convert between linges and millimeters, multiply the ligne diameter by 2.25583.

The size of a watch movement is measured by various systems, but the general rule is that the larger the number, the larger the watch. In France, a Ligne is equal to 2.2558291mm or 0.088812168 inches. One French inch is equal to about a foot.

Using a press to install a watch crystal

You can install a watch crystal using a press, but first, you need to remove the bezel of your watch. To do this, you should use the appropriate screwdriver. You can then place the new crystal over the opening of the watch case. Then, you should use a press that has angled walls to fit over the new crystal. Once you’ve positioned the new crystal under the dies, you should close the jaws of the press, gripping the handle of the press. When the crystal is installed properly, it should make a clicking sound.

You can use a press to install a variety of watch crystals. You can also use a press to install snap-on case-backs and bezels. However, you should be sure to buy a press with high quality machined parts, as a cheap press will not do the job as well as a high-end model. Also, the press should come with different dies, so you can install different types of watch crystals.

The key to successful installation is to choose the right size crystal. Smaller crystals tend to be harder to wedge into a case, so you may want to go with a larger one. Alternatively, you can glue a small crystal into place. One disadvantage to using a press is that it will not work as well with crystals with a slight dome.

To use a press to install a watch crystal, you need to have a tool that will remove the crystal from the watch case. These tools can be bought online and usually cost 15 to 25 dollars. The tools typically come with a plastic die set. You should also make sure the plastic die set is properly aligned before installing the crystal.

If you’re installing a watch crystal into a SEIKO watch, you need to remove the bezel first. This will allow you to see the alignment of the crystal-gasket-case correctly.

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