How to Make a Baseball for Gender Reveal

There are many ways to celebrate your gender reveal. Consider Old Wives Tales, powder, confetti, or explosions. If you’re planning a gender reveal party at home, consider getting a photographer to take photos of the event. This will help your guests remember the fun.

Old Wives Tales printable

If you’re planning a gender reveal party, you might want to consider a fun printable. Not only will it be fun for the guests, but it will also be a great way to find out the gender of the upcoming baby! You can also use these for baby showers, too.

Exploding baseballs

Exploding baseballs are a fun way to announce the gender of your baby and make the gender reveal party a hit! These fun toys are realistic looking baseballs that shatter when they impact, revealing bright powder colors inside. The baseballs come with a removable pink ribbon and come with one that is powdered in blue or pink powder.

Sports reveal baseballs have been featured on Bleacher Report, ESPN, and Bleacher Report, and many customers have used them at their gender reveal parties. These fun gender reveal party ideas are perfect for all baseball lovers! You can even make these adorable baseballs and give them as gifts!

Another fun option for a gender reveal party is an exploding baseball, which is available online and at stationary shops. These baseballs contain powder and explode when hit by a baseball bat. You’ll know for sure whether your little one is a boy or a girl by observing which color the ball explodes when struck with a bat. You can find exploding baseball kits on Etsy, and you can find these fun gifts at babykees.


If you’re planning a gender reveal party, a baseball may be the perfect way to announce the upcoming new addition to the family. The powder used in this fun activity is safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. The powder is easily removed with water. This gender reveal favor can be customized for any baby shower theme.


If you’re planning a gender reveal for your son or daughter, one idea is to make a baseball with confetti. You can fill it with colored powder and toss it at your son or daughter’s favorite Major League team! For older kids, you can use a baseball tee and have your child kick the ball around. Similarly, if you’re planning a baby shower, you can make a soccer ball and have your child kick it around.

Another great idea is to make a gender reveal balloon box. This can be hung from a ceiling or hung by string. You can decorate it with pink and blue balloons. A confetti letter box can also be used to spell out the gender.

The gender reveal pinata is a fun activity for friends and family, and you can use a pink or blue balloon to make the gender reveal surprise more fun. You can also hide the colors of the balloons beneath the frosting, or you can use the ultrasound results to tell the gender. Once you’ve found out what the baby’s gender is, you can use confetti to cover the box and surprise your guests! You can also use confetti for a baseball or golf ball for the gender reveal.

The gender reveal can be done anytime of the year. A baby shower can also be a great time to celebrate a new family. You and your guests can set up a game where everyone gets a chance to pop a balloon filled with confetti.

While cannons are fun and festive, a baseball is the perfect size to carry to the gender reveal party. Unlike cannons, this is much easier to carry and a great memory for the guests. This is also a great option if the party is held outdoors. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if the party is indoors, the mommy-to-be cannot take part in the gender reveal.

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