How to Link Map Coordinates in Final Fantasy XIV

In the game, there is a feature called “Ctrl-Right Click” that will let you link the map coordinates of the area you are currently in with the map of another area. When you do this, you will see an icon called a flag next to the map location you are on. This will allow you to send messages with pos.

Ctrl-Right Click on your map to link coordinates

To link coordinates on your map, you need to use the Georeferencing toolbar. This option allows you to create links by typing the coordinates of the source and destination features in the context menu. The new link will appear on your map. You can also add a map link associated with an event.


In FFXIV, you can link map coordinates to your character’s name. This will make it easy for you to see where you’re located. Typically, when you first open up a map, you’ll see your current position in the center of the map. The map window will have a tiny water drop marker in the middle of it, as well as a set of numbers at the bottom. For example, 11X Y10 means your current location is at coordinates X:11 Y:10.


In FFXIV, you can use the game’s’map link’ feature to set map coordinates. This function lets you display an icon corresponding to the coordinates of a map on your screen. The icon is located where your cursor is in relation to the map’s X and Y coordinates. This feature is useful when you’re looking for a specific spot in the game.


In the FFXIV game, you can link the map coordinates of your current position to your character’s name. The current position is displayed in the middle of the map window, accompanied by a tiny water drop. The coordinates are also displayed as a set of numbers on the bottom of the map window. For example, 11X Y10 indicates your current position is at coordinates X:11, Y:10.

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