How to Force a Fumble by Stripping the Ball in Madden 16

In Madden 16, you can force a fumble by stripping the ball. There are several ways to achieve this. Using the two controllers, you can slide to force the fumble. The first step is to map a button to the strip ball mechanic. Then, you can set your tackling range to the 0 position and edit your slider. The easiest opportunities for stripping the ball come on kickoffs, punts, and QB sacks.


Showboating in Madden 16 is a very risky move, but it can be a great way to outmaneuver your opponent. It requires holding down R2 and moving the right analog stick twice. You must be close to the line when you’re making the move.

Showboating is one of the most popular aspects of Madden games. It’s a way to show off your skills and your teammates. You can also perform special dives in the endzone, though they won’t improve your speed, and they’re a great way to taunt your opponent. There are several ways to customize the special dive, too, so you can show your team spirit or protest a social issue, like Black Lives Matter.

Showboating is also part of Madden 22. You can do it to celebrate your touchdown or to humiliate your opponent. However, if you get hit by an opponent, it will slow you down. Also, it may cause you to fumble. Therefore, you should only showboat when you’re close to the end zone.


There are a few simple tips to help you in stripping the ball in Madden 16. The first step is to trigger your move before tackling the ball carrier. This move will allow you to poke in the ball to loosen the defender’s grip. The next step is to switch defenders. You can do this on kickoffs, punts, and QB sacks.

Forcing a fumble isn’t always as easy as it sounds. YouTuber WAYNE6578 shows us how to do it. It’s an excellent way to increase your odds of fumbles, but keep in mind that it will take a bit of extra effort.

The RB/R1 has a special move that can be used to strip the ball. This move can be used to force a fumble and steal an opponent’s ball. It is crucial to be accurate, however, and don’t try to position yourself ahead of time. This move is basically an aggressive tackling move that combines a swipe with the ball. While it’s great at forcing a fumble, it can also be dangerous if you miss the tackle.

There are a few ways to do this in Madden 16. The most basic method is to slide with the left analog stick, but you can also use the Y button to slide. You can also use a special move called a cut stick. This is a special pass technique that requires you to hold down the left trigger while pressing the B button.

Another useful tip is to stop the ball carrier from receiving the ball if he is behind the ball. A defender can also prevent receiving the ball if they get behind him. The new strip from behind move looks great when executed, and is a nice addition to the game. Besides being fun, stripping the ball is also a great way to get an edge over your opponents.

Force a fumble

In Madden 16, you can force a fumble by stripping the ball. To do so, press R1 (PS4) or RB (Xbox) while in tackle range of the offensive player. This move will force a fumble, but you need to be careful not to fail to tackle the offensive player. If you fail to get a tackle, the ball carrier will book you for some serious yards. Moreover, you will risk accidentally committing a face mask penalty.

To force a fumble, you need to play aggressively. While this method is not as effective as last year, it increases your chances of a fumble. However, you have to be patient as it takes some effort on your part. When tackling the carrier, you should make sure that the receivers are all in the pass pattern.

It is possible to force a fumble by stripping the ball when your defender whiffs. Depending on the position of the defender, you can make it easier or more difficult. In Madden 16, it’s best to do it when the ball is in the hands of a player on the other team. A fumble can turn a game or seal a win.

In Madden NFL 16, you can force a fumble by stripping the ball in the pocket. However, if you don’t have the Strip Specialist Ability, you cannot force a fumble by stripping the ball. You can still make an attempt to force a fumble with this method, but the defender won’t be able to recover the ball.

Another method is to hit the ball carrier while he’s carrying it. The hit should be a hard one, as this will cause the ball to cough up. A recovered fumble can lead to a huge play, so make sure you’re precise when you strip the ball. This technique is similar to tackling, but it doesn’t require you to position ahead of time.

Force a fumble by stripping the ball in Madden NFL 16 has some improvements. The game features a fair catch and other new features. However, the necessity of fair catches varies from year to year. For example, a returner must be able to attempt to recover a muffed punt, while the coverage gunner shouldn’t be able to pick up a ball mid-stride.

Force a fumble with two controllers

The two controllers in Madden 16 can be used to force a fumble. They can also be used to play the defense. When playing the defense, you must use the camera angle to see the space around you. Depending on the position of the receivers, you can drop into an empty space and force a fumble. You can also force the quarterback to make a bad throw by dragging the offensive lineman out of position.

Fumble recovery animations are a major weakness in Madden NFL 15. The game over-uses the scoop animation, resulting in excessive scoop-and-score opportunities. This is a shame, as defensive linemen aren’t exactly known for their dexterity. But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of scooping the ball in mid-stride, sprinting unobstructed into the end zone and making a touchdown.

There are a few things you need to know before you force a fumble with two controllers. First, you need to know your tackling range. This is shown by a blue circle. Second, you must know how to use the Hit Stick to force a fumble. This is a crucial skill to win games in Madden Ultimate Team.

Using two controllers to force a fumble with two controllers will help you gain an advantage over the defender who caused the fumble. The defender who caused the fumble will get stuck in the tackle and recovery animation. Then, the defender will be unable to recover the ball.

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