How to Find Deleted Numbers on iPhone

If you need to recover deleted numbers from your iPhone, you will want to use a data recovery software. These programs can recover deleted phone numbers and other data. You can choose which type of data you need to recover. You can select messages, audio files, contacts, and more. Once you’ve selected what you want to recover, you will have to reconnect your iPhone mobile device and run the data recovery program.


If you accidentally deleted a phone number from your iPhone, there is a good chance you will be able to find it again with Syncios Data Recovery. You can use this software to recover the number from your iCloud or iTunes backup. To use the tool, you’ll need to sign into your iCloud account and have a good internet connection. After signing in, you’ll see a prompt asking you to connect your iPhone to your PC. After selecting this option, you’ll be greeted by an interface where you can preview the files you’d like to recover.

Besides being able to restore deleted numbers from an iTunes backup, Syncios also allows you to restore other types of data from iPhones and other iOS devices. It allows you to preview the files recovered and extract them to your PC or device. It even allows you to selectively browse through the recovered data.

Once the scan process is complete, you can then start the process of restoring deleted files on your iPhone. You can choose to recover specific files or the entire phone’s contents. More than 13 different file types can be recovered, including messages, photos, call logs, and contacts. You can also restore calendars, WhatsApp, Kik, and iPhoto, if you used them on your iPhone.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software on your computer, connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. The program will detect the iPhone and show the “Start” interface. Choose an advanced mode if you’d like to scan your iPhone in an advanced mode.


If you’ve deleted a number of contacts on your iPhone, you might be wondering how to recover them. Fortunately, there are several options available to you. iFindit is a powerful iOS data recovery application that can retrieve deleted numbers and contacts from any iOS device, even without a backup file. With this software, you can recover over 18 types of deleted data.

First, you can restore deleted contacts from your iPhone via iTunes. This backup will save all your contacts and is accessible on any Mac or PC, even if you don’t have access to your phone. Once you restore your contacts, you’ll be able to add them to your iPhone and restore them to its original state.

This data recovery software can recover deleted numbers from most iOS devices and iTunes backups. The tool is fast and easy to use. It can even restore data from iCloud backups, which is another option for recovering deleted numbers from iOS devices. You can also use iFindit to back up your phone data to your computer, so you’ll be able to access your information from any computer.

The recovery process for deleted iPhone contacts is relatively easy, as this program is based on advanced technologies to ensure a high recovery rate. The software works on over 18 data types, including deleted contacts, iCloud backups, and more. It also allows you to preview your contacts before recovering them. It does not require any technical knowledge and is compatible with nearly all iOS devices.

Fonedog iOS Data Recovery

Fonedog iOS Data Recovery is a powerful program that restores lost data from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It allows you to restore only the files you need. You can also preview what’s recoverable before saving. This tool works on the iOS 15 operating system.

First, you have to install the program on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer using its original USB cable. After that, you can start scanning. Once the scan is complete, you can preview the recovered contacts in a folder of your choice. This process may take a while, depending on the size of the files and the speed of your connection. When the scan is complete, you can check if the recovered files include deleted contacts.

To scan your iOS device, click on the Start Scan button. The scan process may take a few minutes depending on the amount of data you need to recover. Once you’ve found the desired files, click on “Save to device”. You can preview the data on your device before saving. The free trial version allows you to try the software risk-free for 30 days.

If you deleted your iPhone data, you can try Fonedog iOS Data Recovery without backing up. If you have a backup, then you can restore the deleted data using iTunes. But before you use the program, make sure to disable automatic syncing first.

iMyFone Umate Pro

If you’ve deleted phone numbers from your iPhone and want to find them back, you need an app that can retrieve those deleted numbers from the device. Fortunately, there are several programs available for this purpose, and iMyFone Umate Pro is one of them. It works by scanning the device and deleting unnecessary files in order to free up more space. In addition, it also offers the option to compress large photos losslessly. Lastly, it can remove unused apps and files.

This program is available for both Mac and Windows computers. The first step is to launch the program and make sure that your iOS device is recognized by it. The next step is to tap the 1-Click Free Up Space tab and run the Quick Scan feature. This will remove all the temporary and junk files from your iPhone. The entire process should take just a few minutes.

Using iMyFone Umate Pro, you can securely remove the data from your iPhone, keeping all information private. In addition, it will also protect your personal information from unauthorized access. Finally, if you need to recover deleted numbers on iPhone, you can also use iMyFone D-Back, a professional software for iOS data recovery.

This software is especially useful if you’ve lost or accidentally deleted iPhone numbers. Since this app is so powerful, it will find deleted phone numbers in just a few seconds. And it also has a powerful erase feature to wipe all data. This is great for situations like selling an iPhone to someone who has a tendency to use your phone for illegal activities.


When you accidentally delete a number from your iPhone, you’ll need to find a way to recover it. Thankfully, there are several free methods you can use to recover your deleted numbers. While free options will allow you to recover a limited amount of data, you may want to upgrade to a paid option to get the full picture. Fortunately, there are also ways to recover deleted iPhone contacts without using iCloud or backing up your phone. These methods will not only allow you to restore your phone’s contacts, but they’ll also allow you to preview and save them to your computer.

You’ll first want to go into your iCloud account and sign in with your Apple ID and password. Next, you’ll want to choose the backup file you’d like to restore. Once you’ve selected the file, click “Next.” The backup file will download and extract the data on your iPhone. Once the download is complete, you can preview and recover deleted numbers and contacts.

Another method to restore deleted numbers on iPhone is to restore the contacts from a Gmail account. In order to do this, you need to first enable two-factor authentication on your iPhone and enter a code from a trusted device. Once you’ve done this, tap on “Restore” and you’ll find an archive of deleted contacts.

iTunes backup

If you have accidentally deleted some of your contacts from your iPhone, you can still find them in an iTunes backup. If you’re unsure how to do this, follow these steps to retrieve them. First, connect your iPhone to a computer. Open iTunes. In the Summary menu, click on “Backups.” Choose the backup file you want to restore. Once the backup is ready, click on “Restore Backup.” A preview of the files will appear on the screen. You can then select any deleted contacts you want to recover from the backup files.

Next, download and install an app called iBackup Extractor. This software is designed to extract information from iPhone backups. Once installed, this program will recognize iPhone backups created by iTunes. Select one of the backups to analyze. Once complete, the software will return the contacts.

Once you have recovered the data from the iTunes backup, you can restore the numbers back to your iPhone. The files can be restored as a CSV, VCF, or HTML file. You can then move them back to your iPhone’s address book. Alternatively, you can use an application called iTransfer to migrate your data.

You can also restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup. To do this, log into your same iCloud account, choose the backup you want to restore, and then connect your iPhone to the computer. Once iTunes detects your iPhone, the software will automatically launch.

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