How to Do Bryce Harper Hairstyles

Short sides

If you want to replicate Harper’s short-top haircut, try grooming the sides upward from the base. This will add texture and volume. Applying a small amount of hair gel will also help keep the spikes upright and flop down foppishly. The end result is a classic look that looks sleek and sophisticated.

Bryce Harper has a classic look that can be easily copied. You can get the same look by getting a crop haircut with short sides and a longer top. You can even try applying a shiny pomade to create spikes. This will give your hair that ’00s vibe.

Bryce Harper’s hairstyle is a great choice for young men. It has an asymmetrical pattern, which works well on almost every face type. The asymmetrical look is also suitable for men with thin hair. The asymmetrical look is easy to achieve and doesn’t require a lot of styling.

Bryce Harper’s hairstyle is an icon in the baseball world. It’s short and easy to maintain, yet still looks stunning and trendy. The cut is perfect for any occasion, from day to night. The hairstyle keeps Bryce’s hair out of his face and keeps it looking sharp and stylish. It also goes well with a beard.

Bryce Harper’s hairstyle is a versatile choice for both men and women. Besides short and long sides, the baseball superstar has a wide variety of hairstyles, including undercuts, taper fades, and slick backs. You can also try a new look by adding some texture to your sides.

Long top

If you want to copy Bryce Harper’s look, you can do a few simple things. For one, you should use a thick beard. The beard is a great way to fake the volume Harper has with his long top hair. Also, you should use a hair gel to make your hair look thicker.

Lastly, if you want to get a textured look, you can use a flat iron or curling iron. A blow-dryer is also helpful. This type of look looks especially good on a young boy. It is simple and easy to maintain.

One of the key points about Bryce Harper’s haircut is that it’s easy to do. The key is to go for a short crop with a long top. To create spikes, you can also use a shiny pomade. This way, you’ll be able to recreate that 2000’s look in no time. Plus, you’ll be able to copy Bryce Harper’s look without spending a fortune. This looks like one of the coolest looks of all time.

You can also copy Bryce Harper’s look by using asymmetric hair. This look is versatile, and works well for almost all face shapes. This cut is also a great option if you have thin hair.

Undercut sides

Bryce Harper has one of the most distinctive hairstyles in the world. Its length is medium to long with a subtle wave in the ends. The cut is perfect for everyday wear as it is low maintenance. It will keep Bryce’s hair out of her face while looking trendy.

Bryce Harper is one of the most sought-after baseball players today. He is not only a star on the field but also has a fan base that stretches well beyond the sport. The baseball star is not only famous for his skill at the plate, but also for his unique hairstyle.

If you want to emulate Bryce Harper’s look, you should cut the sides of your hair shorter than the top. Then, use shiny pomade to create spikes. This way, you can create that cool 2000’s look within minutes. Besides looking cool, this hairstyle is also very easy to do!

Bryce Harper’s hair is longer than the average undercut. It reaches his shoulders. The sides are slightly shorter. The result is a clean, modern look that goes well with most facial features. This is the perfect look for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Harper has a gorgeous head of hair. But while it is beautiful, it is messy. It is almost uncontrollable, and the comb marks on the front of the pomp are visible. The shorter strands are almost pulling away from the entire structure of the hairstyle. To achieve this look, you should also have thick hair.

Chemical lightening

Bryce Harper opted for chemical lightening last year after the season ended, and many people thought he had silver hair. While he later stated that his new color is plantinum white, the controversy caused a stir among baseball fans and other sports stars. Players generally wait until the offseason to switch up their hair color, so Harper’s decision is surprising.

Changing the color of your hair is not for the faint of heart. While some people feel that bleaching their hair will give it a natural-looking color, the process is not without risk. Bleaching hair removes the protective outer layer from each strand and pulls out the natural color pigments. While this process is generally safe, mistakes can occur, leading to unfortunate shades like orange.

Slick back

Bryce Harper has mastered the slick back look with his signature hair flip. To get this style, start with a short undercut and brush the hair back to add texture and visual height. This style is perfect for taming unruly hair. Then, add a moderate beard to complete the sophisticated look. As you can see, this hairstyle has a wide range of styling options, so you can make it your own.

This look is easy to achieve and takes less than 30 minutes to pull off. The slick back style is also very easy to maintain. Just use a good amount of heavy gel to build height and heighten the hair. The slick back hairstyle is also perfect for sporting events, as you don’t need to worry about it flapping or getting tangled.

You can also make your hair look like Harper’s by adding some volume. You can start by making thin spikes with a comb, then tease these sections into thicker ones with hair gel. Bryce Harper is an ideal example of a versatile look that’s not overly complex.

Bryce Harper’s long top is perfect for this low maintenance look. The long hair on the top is brushed through to keep it from falling and gives it a trendy vibe. This style also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, making it perfect for a busy schedule. In addition to the low maintenance nature of this style, Bryce Harper’s hair is a fun way to play around with the length and texture of your hair.


For a stylish and trendy Mohawk, try this hairstyle on Bryce Harper. The style consists of a long top laced with short hair on the sides, which gives the impression of a Mohawk. This haircut is very easy to maintain and style. As the hair length on the top tapers off dramatically towards the nape of the neck, it is easy to achieve a unique look.

The hairstyle is easy to achieve and takes about 30 minutes to create. Heavy gel is used to lift the hair, and then the hair is pulled back with a slick back style. The hairstyle is not permanent, but does require regular maintenance. It also looks great with a beard. The slick back style allows Bryce Harper to go out in the wind without worrying about his hair falling out.

Bryce Harper’s Mohawk hairstyle is a stylish one that can be recreated at home. The sides of the hair are undercut and brushed back. The top part is longer than the sides, and the back part is cropped short. It’s a good choice for many occasions, and it looks great with a beard.

Before Harper made his MLB debut, his hair was still a mohawk-like style. It was not the full-blown mohawk he wore in his rookie year, but it was still the most stylish style. It also allowed Harper to do a flip when he flipped his hair. Harper’s hair did not need flipping until he was a rookie, but it did make him look doubtful.

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