Apex Legends Bloodhound Tips and Tricks


If you’ve been playing Apex Legends for a while, you’ve probably noticed that your Bloodhound has a lot of different abilities. One of these is the ability to interact with Survey Beacons, unique devices scattered around the map. When activated, these beacons reveal the location of the next round’s ring. This can be extremely helpful for players who need to find their next target.

Eye of the Allfather

The Eye of the Allfather is a powerful ability that lets players see through walls, and is a great scouting tool. It is useful for getting positional clues and spotting enemies, but you must be careful not to use this ability too frequently. If you use it too often, it will alert your enemies.

Bloodhound’s tactical ability is the Eye of the Allfather, which allows him to see enemies within range. This ability reveals where enemies are and where traps and clues are hidden. It can be particularly useful in chasing down foes in buildings, and it only has a 25-second cooldown.

The Bloodhound is one of the most versatile characters in Apex Legends, and its versatility makes it a great choice for any Apex gamer. It can switch between passive and aggressive playstyles, and it has excellent mobility and tracking abilities. The Bloodhound is an excellent hunter and a good choice for squad play.

The Beast of the Hunt is another useful ability for Bloodhound. It transforms the ‘hound’ into the ultimate hunter. This ability allows the Bloodhound to engage and escape fights, and it significantly increases the speed of its movements. The ability also highlights the footprints of enemies, making it easier to spot them from a distance. It also allows players to see enemies through smoke.


If you want to be the best Bloodhound tracker, here are some tips and tricks. The first one is to always keep an eye on the pings and call outs. Often, you can even find out the enemy team’s position by simply listening to the game’s audio cues. This way, you’ll be able to track your enemies without ever getting into a fight. The next tip is to avoid spending too much time on the tracks. And last but not the least, always try to avoid getting distracted by a single team.

Another useful tip is to know where to use the Bloodhound’s abilities. This is important because this character can be very useful in hunting down your enemies and assisting your team. The Bloodhound has a lot of abilities that help you close in on your opponents. For example, you can use its abilities to scout a specific area, which will enable you to get near your enemies and kill them with a single shot.

Moreover, you can use Bloodhound’s ability to interact with the survey beacons. These unique devices are scattered across the map, and you can activate them to learn where the next round’s ring is located. This way, you can use the information gathered to your advantage.

Bloodhound also has a passive ability called Tracker. This allows you to see the tracks left by other players. You can even check out the age of these tracks. Another useful ability of the Bloodhound is that it can help you find your enemies, traps, and clues in a certain area.


The Ultimate Apex Legends Bloodhound is a fantastic choice if you are aiming to become the leader of your squad. This champion can make quick decisions and can easily manage multiple teammates, especially with his unique abilities. Moreover, the Bloodhound rarely makes long rotations. Usually, he’s paired with a single teammate and he always has the best information about the situation, so he can easily direct the squad’s route. In addition, the Bloodhound doesn’t require special equipment, as it can easily use its Ult Accelerant, which is especially useful in the early game.

The Bloodhound’s tactical ability is the best way to engage enemy teams. It provides a heat signature that highlights enemies’ location, making them disengage. This is also the only way to escape from a fight, so it’s best to use it with care. Bloodhound’s ultimate can only be effective when you have all the information you need before using it.

The Bloodhound’s abilities are geared towards top-fragging, so it is essential to make use of them to discover enemy squad members and enemies. They also provide super senses and speed, which gives them an edge over their enemy teammates. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this class doesn’t provide damage reduction or invulnerability. It also can’t be flanked effectively.

A Bloodhound’s secondary passive helps players locate beacons on the map. This allows teams to plan their rotations more effectively. Another advantage is that the Bloodhound can ping enemy clues to alert the team of their location.


Setting up Apex Legends bloodhound traps is one of the easiest ways to gain an advantage against your enemies. Bloodhounds are powerful short-range weapons, and they can also be useful when teamed up with passive characters like Newcastle or Caustic. You can also use their wide-scoped scan to discover the best places to place barrels or walls so you can make it more difficult for your enemies to get in.

The bloodhound is a great choice for any team, whether you prefer to play a more passive style or aggressively. You can use its abilities in multiple Apex modes, and the bloodhound’s kit is unique and powerful. The bloodhound has an excellent pick rate, which has been consistent since the game’s release. During Season 13 alone, it was picked in 8% of games.

Bloodhound traps are not only useful for finding enemies, but they are also helpful when trying to find clues or loot. They have a range of about 75 meters. Once you activate the Bloodhound, it will scan the area around you, and reveal any hostiles within that radius. It also remains revealed as long as there are hostiles in that area.

Bloodhounds can pick up tons of clues that you might not know. These clues include foot prints, slide marks, ziplines, and doors, as well as enemy fire and healing items. In addition, the Bloodhound can see Ravens and other Legends’ abilities. Using a bloodhound effectively will make your enemies vulnerable while they’re on the floor, and will make the enemies less likely to sneak up on you.

Bloodhounds are great hunters, but they need to be close to your enemies. As a result, you should not use a sniper when you’re using your Bloodhound. Instead, you should use a close-range combat weapon, like the Peacekeeper or R-99. You can also use a mid-range weapon like the R-301 or Flatline.


One of the Apex Legends’ most versatile characters is the Bloodhound, who is best suited for top-fragging and supporting your team. The Bloodhound has the advantage of having super senses and speed, which make it a powerful asset when battling against enemy squads. It can also provide the squad with crucial gameplay clues, giving them the upper hand over their enemies.

The Bloodhound’s secondary passive lets you locate beacons around the map, making it easier for your team to plan their rotations in advance. This trait also lets your team use the Bloodhound’s ult to track enemy positions. Using this ability, you can even identify the location of enemy teams by pinging their clues.

As the most intel-rich member of the squad, the Bloodhound can help you set up an effective flank. By knowing where your enemies are, you can press them from sides that they have not yet taken, but that they can’t defend. This character works best when its owner is a strong, aggressive player who is comfortable in close range.

The Bloodhound’s active ability allows him to scan the immediate area around him for other players. This allows you to quickly identify if your teammate has spotted an enemy and allows them to move accordingly. While the Bloodhound’s active ability doesn’t last more than a few seconds, it’s a useful skill if you’re flanking an enemy.

Bloodhound’s ultimate also provides great tracking and increased speed. In addition, the Bloodhound’s ultimate also highlights enemies, which can be incredibly useful. Using this ultimate correctly is key to winning Apex Legends.

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